COMMERICAL PHOTO PRODUCTION Will Taylor is a producer and location scout based in Los Angeles, CA. He has been working in the television and commercial photography industry for over 20 years. Starting as an intern in TV production working with such directors as Sam Baer, Julien Temple and Phil Janeau. Will has since held positions as a production assistant, camera assistant, photo assistant, set builder, prop stylist, lighting director, location scout, casting director, production manager, producer, photographer and cinematographer. Through this experience, Will has developed a wide array of abilities, ranging from a deep technical understanding of photography to managing large-scale productions, and understanding how to navigate the interpersonal challenges that come with it.

Will has a loyal client base throughout his career, largely due to his diligent work ethic and creative background. Graduating from UCLA's Art Department in the 90's while it was a hotbed of artist development, his scholastic and practical knowledge of both classical art history and contemporary conceptual work continue to prove helpful to many photographers and creatives. He is capable of managing challenging situations on large sets while maintaining a clear vision of the final objective. He understands the importance of maintaining a personable and positive atmosphere on the set, which promotes an environment that fully supports the creative process.

T/F 818.409.8982
CELL 213.712.0700